A Day In St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, part 3

We arrived at the capital city of Charlotte Amalie just in time for a downpour. Charlotte Amalie is also the largest historical town in the United States and there has been a debate regarding the correct pronunciation of its name, which was originally Charlotte Amalia. Due to error in historical documents the spelling was changed to an e. But the official and original pronunciation is Charlotte "Amalya".

The town is full of nice old historical colorful buildings and the lower levels of these buildings have been converted to shops. Like any port cities, this is a great shopping destination. This is where we split with out travel buddies. They had some serious shopping to do - jewelry shopping and we were into some serious browsing. And since the rain was not letting up, the only thing we could do was duck into stores and browse.

Not into jewelry, we found a "general store" kind of shop and looked around at the many souvenirs on display. The shop has a sizeable wine and spirits section and they offered us to sample some fine only in US Virgin Islands flavored rums. I am a wine lover and have not developed the taste for rums and other liquors. Until this time. I fell in love with two flavored rums that I bought a bottle of each. Later on when we met up with the friends, we got them to try these out and they too had to buy two bottles of each. They were good.

2016 11 01_pentax_1750

2016 11 01_pentax_1753

2016 11 01_pentax_1755

2016 11 01_pentax_1765

2016 11 01_pentax_1770

2016 11 01_pentax_1790

2016 11 01_pentax_1772

2016 11 01_pentax_1773

When the rain relented, the opportunity to explore this area on foot arose. We walked around a bit, entering narrow alleys and even had the chance to simply sit under a tree and watch life go about.

2016 11 01_pentax_1807

2016 11 01_pentax_1805

2016 11 01_pentax_1806

2016 11 01_pentax_1789

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2016 11 01_pentax_1792



  1. I love all those coloured buildings!

  2. Pity about the rain but then if it had been sunny maybe you wouldn't have discovered your newly acquired taste for rum.

  3. The narrow walkways are so wonderfully mysterious.

  4. These are unique buildings and I love them all! It looks like a fabulous place to explore.

  5. It's been many years since I've been there. Thanks for bringing back some memories. I didn't know that about the name of Charlotte Amelie!

  6. Gorgeous photos and lovely place ~ lots of European ambiance to it ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a peaceful week ~ ^_^

  7. Very nice - I'd love to get back there and spend more time exploring the island and towns.

  8. We enjoyed a day in Charlotte Amalie on one of our cruises and it does not look like it changed too much. The only thing is there was definitely no wifi zone there then ... or anywhere. (Now you know how long it has been since that cruise...LOL)

  9. I remember some of these areas! I do not remember the large amount of colorful buildings though. Seems like I missed most of the town. The good thing about the rain is that some of those places were deserted. They were beyond crowded when I visited. #WordlessWednesday

  10. Wow, all sorts of colors on the buildings and the builds are interesting, I love the little courtyards and walks. I would love to go just to take a bunch of photos.

  11. Beautiful tour of the place.

  12. So many bright reds, blues, oranges, and yellows!


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