A Day in Bahamas, part 3

Still traveling by motor boat to the mysterious island that the tour operator said had no name, we passed by many fine looking resorts. I was secretly hoping that our boat ride will last longer. I was having so much fun just being in the moment. The combination of cobalt sky and sea was mesmerizing and I was reluctant to let go of the tranquility I was experiencing in favor of snorkeling.

2016 11 04_pentax_1525

2016 11 04_pentax_1527

2016 11 04_pentax_1528

2016 11 04_pentax_1530

2016 11 04_pentax_1532

We arrived at a small island that was primitive, but charming. It was a perfect spot for day trippers.

2016 11 04_canonpws_1123_edited-1

2016 11 04_canonpws_1127_edited-1

2016 11 04_canonpws_1128

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2016 11 04_pentax_1540

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Despite the resplendent day with blue skies, the water was cold! Bahamas water, cold? Huh? Yeah it was. The first batch of people who went snorkeling were shivering and reported back that the snorkeling was not good that day. Too many people jet-skiing nearby which disturbed the waters. I have not snorkeled before so I really don't know what made for a perfect conditions for snorkeling. This would be the second time I signed up for snorkeling. The first time it was too windy and the wave was too rough and this time the water was too cold. Oh it was not meant to be.

Since we already paid for the activity, we decided to switch it to parasailing. We have done it once before but our companions have not so we all went for it. There were 3 pairs that took turns; we went first and so we were able to shoot afterwards. Besides, when the next two pairs went up, the rain started to come down. In fact the last pair went up for a shorter time because the rain was getting heavy.

2016 11 04_canonpws_1136

2016 11 04_canonpws_1135

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  1. I've never been there. But it sure looks appealing. I like the photo with the seas shells.

  2. Nice skies - I like the beachscapes best.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Pics take me there virtually.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Those beaches look so inviting.

  5. You got some great photos, You can definitely tell it's the bahamas with those palm trees.

  6. Gorgeous photography of a very beautiful place and 'para sailing' no less ~ thanks,

    Wishing you delight in your days ~ ^_^

  7. Beautiful shots of the place.

  8. You are making me miss the Caribbean! I haven't been there in a long time. I have never parasailed but it is something I would like to do. Looks like fun! #WordlessWednesday

  9. Great set of photos! Those beaches look so nice

  10. I think you did well to opt for the parasailing. Personally, I like the unimproved primitive island over the resorts.

  11. Another awesome post. Amazing pics.

  12. I do love the Caribbean and have enjoyed visiting the Bahamas. Great shots!

  13. I did some parasailing with my daughter and granddaughter in Hawaii -- loved it. Your words captured perfectly the feeling of being in the moment that boating always inspires in me. Lovey post.

  14. Whoa you are a brave soul for parasailing ,, but that's coming from me who isn't the adventurous type at all hehe I rather stay indoors with the air conditioning full blast! Nice to see the Bahamas through your lovely shots.


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