Morocco: Views from the Bluff in Fez

When we entered Fez city limits, it was after 3 pm I believe. This was when our tour manager, who was with us the whole trip, announced that we would be doing a mini preview of Fez via a drive through tour. As the bus wound its way through the city, we were amazed at the old charm that it exudes. Sninat, our tour manager, had many good words to say about this beautiful old city. He pointed interesting sites, but of course either we were on the wrong side of the bus or we were not listening. Some of us were just waking up after a long slumber while we traveled the distance from Meknes to Fez.

The bus stopped at a cliff side to give us a chance to take in the beauty of the old medina. The same one that we would be touring all day the next day.

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2017 04 14_canoneos_7497

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2017 04 14_canoneos_7520

2017 04 14_canoneos_7499

2017 04 14_canoneos_7510

2017 04 14_canoneos_7515

2017 04 14_canoneos_7514

2017 04 14_canoneos_7517

2017 04 14_canoneos_7501



  1. for some reason I like the colors of Morocco :)

  2. Wonderful post and photography of Morocco ~ what a great time you must have had ~ ^_^

  3. As you may have noticed, I like to see cities from above. So good you were able to get this "preview" of the city. You know, Fez look pretty big from that viewpoint.

  4. Wow, what an incredible sight!

  5. Very impressive photos! I have but little time to write every week, but I noticed that it is important to safe the photos of journeys and trips I took. There comes a time that all this travelling stops and then we can relive our trips by means of the pictures.

  6. I can understand why the tour stopped just there overlooking Fez. Great photo opportunites which you didn't waste resulting in some fine pictures.

  7. What a great view, and an impressive city.

  8. It looks so congested! I suppose it's less so from the ground?
    Thanks for linking up at

  9. What a view from the cliff! Great photos!

  10. I am a total believer in getting an overview of a place before getting into its nitty-gritty details, Maria. Kinda like seeing the forest first before you walk through the trees. I love it!

  11. What a Iincredibly stunning sceneries.

  12. love! I recently got a dna test done via and found out my ancestors on mum's side came from here.


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