Morocco: Tour of Medina (Fez), part 3

The tour continues. We spent a good deal of the day touring the medina, so we got to see so much. Some of the attractions were not accessible, you can only peek from outside, like the University of A Karaouine, which is considered by the Guinness Book of World Records as well as by UNESCO as the oldest continuously-operating, degree-granting university in the world.

2017 04 15_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_4154

2017 04 15_canoneos_7167


Others I don't even know what they are, probably mosques, because we can only look from the open doors.



The doors are simply magnificent.

2017 04 15_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_4113
A private residence. I wish I could go inside and see all the tilework.

Another angle.

2017 04 15_canoneos_7148

2017 04 15_canoneos_7173

2017 04 15_canoneos_7280

Then we passed by an incredibly ornate door with a crowd in front of it; I was only able to photograph a little detail.

2017 04 15_canoneos_7268

2017 04 15_canoneos_7267

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  1. Hello, Lovely series from your Morocco trip. I like the tiles. Happy Thursday, enjoy your weekend ahead.

  2. Wow, those doors really are incredible! Love the tile work, too. So much amazing detail.

  3. All the colors in the tile are so pretty! What intricate artwork.

  4. Truly worth a thousand words. The photographs are indeed breathtaking and I can understand your disappointment at not getting more than a peek inside.

  5. Who knew that about the University of A Karaouine! WOW. I can see why you'd want to visit such an "ornamented" country, Maria. I love seeing it through your eyes.

  6. places like this always maked me wonder who the artists are/were.

  7. Such beautiful details and architecture!

  8. What an amazing place - they keep it in great condition. Nice photos!

  9. Such beautiful detailing and the tiles are amazing.

  10. Amazing photos! Thank you for this great tour! :-)


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