Morocco: Rissani

We were billeted in a beautiful kasbah-style resort on the edge of the desert near the town of Erfoud (which along with neighboring town of Rissani are the two bigger towns closest to Erg Chebbi, one of the two Morocco's Saharan ergs (large seas of dunes formed by wind-blown sand.).

The hotel boasts many amenities, but arriving almost at dusk we were unable to enjoy them. Two nights we stayed here and on one night we were too tired and used the jacuzzi to dip our achy legs and feet. The rooms are large and spacious and decorated in the traditional manner. And while it is air-conditioned, everything felt very sandy.

All the meals were included in this stay. The spread was spectacular every single time, both at breakfast and dinner. It felt like being a guest in a feast with the amount of food that was served every single meal. There were raw salad and we were discouraged from eating anything raw, but we were craving for crunchy lettuce so we went ahead. Thankfully as I said in earlier post, our stomachs were warriors when it comes to this.

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The following day was one of the busiest days of our tour. Right after breakfast we wwere off to Rissani. The landscape on the way was pretty interesting.

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Rissani is a charming little town. The first thing that struck me about the town is that it's pinkish/peachy in color and that it is full of hotels. Hotels line the main road next to each other. But our first order of business was a stop at the ATM. Surprising how pocket money goes so fast right?

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The first activity of the day was a visit to the Fossil Factory. What? Fossil Factory? Well, you see near the town of Rissani huge fossil beds were discovered that dates back to the Devonian period. What was a happy accident is now a thriving business. The guide told us that millions of years ago, Morocco was once a sea and when the water receded sea creatures died and became fossilized.

In the factory we were shown how they cut and polish large chunks of rocks and they identified what critters were fossilized. They make all sorts of items from these fossils from small items like pendants and key chains to furnitures and fountains. As a matter of fact the sink in my hotel room is made of fossil rocks.


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There are many fossilized items sold in Morocco that are fake so if you really want something, I suggest that you get your souvenirs when you go to a factory tour. I can't remember what we picked up, but we certainly did get some small items, which I believed is gift for friends.

Across from the fossil factory, which is located along the main road, are two hotels.

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2017 04 17_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_3844

Next, we continued our tour of Rissani by visiting a community center where single moms are given vocational training and their kids are educated. We stopped here because this tour company provides financial support to this program.

The children's age range from 5-7. We spent time with them, taught them how to fist bump and high five and took photos with them. They performed a song for us. Because we knew this was in our itinerary, my husband and I brought a bag of miniature Hershey's to distribute to the kids.

The gate to the community center.

Group picture.

By the way, while we were on tour, two of my tour mates celebrated a birthday. The hotel and probably the tour company set up a little celebration while we were having dinner on the second night I believe. We were quite rowdy.


This day was a sweat fest and we were just starting the day.

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  1. Hello, wonderful photos and tour. You visit the most exotic and cool places. Thanks for sharing your trip! Enjoy your day and weekend!

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    (A ShutterBug Explores)

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