Morocco: A Day of Sightseeing, part 2

Even though I was enjoying the bus trip, there was a little part of me that was asking, "Are we there yet?", although I knew "there" was a long way away. There was this side trip we were going to which was why we were traveling all this way. Again, I was not complaining because as you saw in previous post, the scenery was pretty exotic.

Thus when we hit a bit of a traffic jam and the tour manager announced, "Here we are!", my jaw dropped on the floor. It was one pretty magnificent gorge, the Todgha Gorge and we were given enough time to dip our toes in the shallow but wide stream or river and of course to get selfies and preserve kodak moments.

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2017 04 18_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_3709

2017 04 18_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_3716

2017 04 18_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_3723

2017 04 18_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_3724

2017 04 18_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_3726

Marco iphone

Marco iphone

Marco iphone

2017 04 18_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_3714
Some enterprising people grabbed the chance where more people would be coming to visit and set up shop near the narrow road.

When we were there, a few people were getting ready to scale the rocks. I would have loved to watch them climb that thing.



  1. What a great lot of variations in scenery that country had. I bet it felt good to dip your toes in that water. i enjoy watching people rock-climb, but never ever wished I could do it myself.

  2. I imagine that water was very refreshing. Love the colours of the rocks.

  3. What a beautiful place. It reminds me of the some of the desert canyons in Arizona.

  4. Very beautiful - we've got a couple of gorges like this not too far from where I live and they are spectacular to experience.

  5. Wow! Wonderful photos! What a great adventure!

  6. Wow! Exotic indeed.
    Thank you for these sights.

  7. It really is beautiful. I would have been one of the people trying to rock climb hahaha


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