A Weekend in Alpine Meadows, 2017 version

I interrupt the Morocco postings to give way to this season-appropriate post.

Last year, we spent a weekend in Alpine Meadows and we enjoyed it so much that we repeated the experience this year. However, this year the cast of characters was different.

This year, the weather was milder. For the weekend, the weather hovered between mid to late 60s with days awash with bright sunlight and crisp mountain air. It is the crisp mountain air that is so addictive, so energizing. When I get asked if I preferred the beach or the mountain, it's tough to answer. But Lake Tahoe gives you both the experience of mountain and beach in one easy vacation.

The season is far advanced I think, and the trees have mostly lost the leaves and so not so much colors to be seen.

The cabin.

Around the cabin, I photographed what's left of the colors of autumn in the mountain.

2017 10 28_canoneos_9773_edited-1

2017 10 28_canoneos_9776_edited-1

2017 10 28_canoneos_9779_edited-1

2017 10 28_canoneos_9780

2017 10 28_canoneos_9784_edited-1

2017 10 28_canoneos_9786

We went out for a walk after breakfast on Saturday.

2017 10 28_canoneos_9787_edited-1
We passed by many cabins that look empty. Many of them are rentals. Winter is the main season for these rentals.

2017 10 28_canoneos_9804

We went a little off the main road and found a trail that led us to a little lake whose charm captivated all of us. We started making plans for a summer visit when lake activities would be appropriate.

2017 10 28_canoneos_9817


2017 10 28_canoneos_9813

2017 10 28_canoneos_9811

The lake is pretty picturesque. It is not big, but enough and has a little sandy area on the banks and grassy knoll on one side. The water was freezing cold as expected, but that did not deter the kids who were with us to dip their toes and considered it a badge of honor to stand the freezing cold water.

2017 10 28_canoneos_9824
Water is very clear.

It's so beautiful and as you can see we were blessed with perfect autumn weather.

2017 10 28_canoneos_9849_edited-1
Walking back to the cabin, only to get to the car so we can start our little sightseeing.



  1. Beautiful weekend getaway -- you're lucky to live somewhere with so many nearby places. Would be great in summer for the lake or winter for the skiing, but I'd think it was also kind of fun to visit a touristy spot out-of-season though!!

  2. What a beautiful area! And such lovely shots.

  3. Nice to see some Autumn colours, am looking forward to that time of year for us next March/April.

  4. That is a beautiful place - although I've only been there once I love the Lake Tahoe area.

  5. I read you comment on my blog and had to google "Alpine Meadows" since I am not familiar with the area. I am glad you posted about it because I a kind of obsessed with all things / places in the Sierra Nevada. I am making plans for spring!

  6. a beautiful place. I could spend some time there I think.
    Are you constantly "on route"?

  7. Wow autumn weather and crisp fresh air something sorely lacking in the urban jungle we call home. Great pictures!


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