Road Trip To Pacific Northwest: Crater Lake NP

This road trip was meant to be a sequel of the road trip we did in 2006; thus like years ago, our first stop was Crater Lake NP. I remember the WOW factor that this park had given me in the previous visit. For the longest time, it was the best bang for the buck experience I had - the entrance fee to the park I mean.

This time around, it's a different season, and 12 years later, it still brings in the crowd. Our intention was to drive around the lake and stop at view points along the way. However, there was a lot of construction going on inside the park. The roads were being repaired; thus, we were stuck in traffic, sitting idle waiting for all the cars going the other way to go before we could use the road.

Over the next few minutes, we decided that we would visit a couple of view points and turn back and go to the visitor center and use the facilities before moving on the our stop for the night Ashland, which also happened to be the city where we stopped for the night on the first visit.

2017 08 21_pentax_9626

2017 08 21_canonpws_9150

2017 08 21_canonpws_9152

2017 08 21_canonpws_9129

2017 08 21_canonpws_9137

2017 08 21_canonpws_9155

2017 08 21_pentax_9657

2017 08 21_pentax_9661

2017 08 21_pentax_9662

2017 08 21_pentax_9622

2017 08 21_pentax_9628

2017 08 21_pentax_9644

2017 08 21_pentax_9631
There was a sandy stretch in one of the viewpoints.

In Ashland, we booked the exact same hotel and after checking in, we left for the downtown area. Again, this was a trip down memory lane for us and we continue to have a soft spot for Ashland, known for its Shakespeare Festival. We were there on a day when they had no performances.

Around Ashland, we hit the city park, Lithia Park and went for a walk. We dipped our tired toes in the wading pool and was very surprised to find that the park abuts the downtown area, so we left there and walked all over the downtown area.

2017 08 21_canonpws_9163

2017 08 21_canonpws_9167

2017 08 21_canonpws_9168

2017 08 21_canonpws_9169

2017 08 21_canonpws_9172

2017 08 21_canonpws_9176

We were so tuckered out that we had no desire to eat in a restaurant; instead we visited the cooperative and got us some take out. It was a lovely day.

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  1. Love the lake and flower photos the most. Looks so peaceful there.

  2. Thanks for sharing your trip and bringing back fond memories. I remember taking a family vacation when my kids were young... flying up to Portland, renting a car, and going to Crater Lake, Mt. St. Helen and exploring the beautiful Oregon coastline. One of my all-time favorite vacations!

  3. Wonderful photos, I love the colours in the last ones, but Crater Lake I've only ever seen in photos and from a plane. I lived in southwestern British Columbia, and heard the eruption of Mt. St. Helens. Then the ash, sprinkling indiscriminately across the border.
    Thanks for these photos, lots of memories of the Pacific Northwest.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. wow amazing views. Great clicks.

  5. Great photos of your fascinating trip!

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  6. What a beautiful place - I'd love to see it one day.

  7. Beautiful landscapes, street images and flowers too!

  8. Beautiful post. Crater Lake is on my bucket list and your photos just moved it up a few notches.

  9. love that crater lake. A nice area with fine details :)

  10. Fun to see old familiar sights from your eyes! And it makes me homesick for the Pacific Northwest (we'll be in Florida for another couple of months probably).


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