Road Trip to Pacific Northwest: On The Road to Seattle

Day 2

After breakfasting at the hotel, we set out for a long drive to Seattle. We first stopped for coffee and then I took the wheels. I drove a solid 2-3 hours without encountering traffic. When the husband took over the driving chores, we started to get into one traffic snarl after another. We were delayed tremendously around the Portland area. It took forever to cross the border, our drive was now interrupted by grass fire by the interstate. After crossing the Washington border, we had to stop for coffee. Not for the caffeine, but just to get out of the sitting position, stand up and stretch our legs. We have been driving since 9 am and it's nearly twilight. It was one long drive.

2017 08 22_pentax_9523

2017 08 22_pentax_9525

2017 08 22_pentax_9529

2017 08 22_pentax_9533

2017 08 22_pentax_9542

2017 08 22_pentax_9545

2017 08 22_canonpws_9028

2017 08 22_canonpws_9030

2017 08 22_canonpws_9035

2017 08 22_canonpws_9038

2017 08 22_canonpws_9042

By the time we arrived in Seattle it was around 8 pm and Pike Place was closed. We walked around a bit just to see it.

2017 08 22_canonpws_9052

2017 08 22_canonpws_9054

2017 08 22_canonpws_9057

2017 08 22_canonpws_9070

2017 08 22_pentax_9562

Next, on the drive to the hotel we made a stop at a grocery store to pick up some dinner. Unfortunately when we got to the hotel, we found out that we accidentally reserved a SMOKING room and no available NON SMOKING room to swap with. Well we stayed in the room and after some moments the smell did not bother either of us. Dinner in the room and then a shower and then off to dreamland. Big day tomorrow.



  1. that's one big ferris wheel~ it's amazing to me how people build such big churches like the 7th day adventist one, they put all their money into it, kinda sad.

  2. Lots of familiar shots. We travel down to or through Seattle several times of year to sporting events. - Margy

  3. How depressing to have to cope with all that traffic but now the fun begins.

  4. That was really a long drive, but if i were there i will be delighted to join you. That is what is nice in that continent, you can just drive and drive and stop and eat anywhere. Aside from the physical tiredness, everything seems so nice and easy. I just don't know, i haven't been there, just see all the pictures of everybody. Enjoy life to the fullest.

  5. wow amazing. Great clicks.

  6. Nice photos. BTW, what does Oregon thank them for? That piqued my curiosity.
    Thanks for sharing at

  7. That was a beautiful drive. Thank you.

    In reply to your query on my post - No, pedestrians not allowed on the bridge.

  8. ...I've drive this way several times!

  9. We drove across the US from Toronto and then home through Canada in September. We made a stop in Seattle to see the Chihuly display. We'd been to Seattle a few years earlier.

  10. Lovely photos of your new adventure ~

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  11. I went to college in Portland! I love that city!

  12. It's a while since we drove to Seattle for (as Margy mentioned above) a sporting event...our favourite being baseball, when the Toronto Blue Jays were in town. Your photos are beautiful, and bring back many memories from all the years I lived on the west coast of Canada.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  13. Beautiful. I love Seattle, it's one of my favorite cities.

  14. This is cool! As you may have noticed, I love road trips and have wanted to drive around Portland and Seattle. Didn't you feel tempted to exit at one of those exits?

  15. What a long drive! I enjoyed your photos along the way.

  16. Love those parts. It's so nice to see these pictures. :)

  17. Again, really Enjoy seeing familiar territory through your eyes. And it is still making me homesick!

  18. Wow look at all those road signs ! Something sadly missing in this part of the globe. We got lost several times during our road trip. hehe


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