Weekend in San Diego: Hanging in Old Town

Something I discovered long ago on the first trip to San Diego is that I love chilling in Old Town. Old Town San Diego is considered the birthplace of California. In 1769, Old Town was created as California's first settlement. While this place is a good spot for learning California history, I come for the vibe. This is where I had my first sip of Mexican chocolate drink and had one of the best tamales I had ever eaten.

This time around, we even sampled gourmet olive oil in addition to walking around and browsing at the many stores. If you have time, I suggest spending it in Old Town. Incredible food and great shopping and some history lessons sprinkled in there too.

A great spot for photography enthusiasts too.

2018 05 27_canonpws_3135

2018 05 27_canonpws_3138


2018 05 28_canonpws_2979

2018 05 28_canonpws_2987

2018 05 28_canonpws_2975

2018 05 28_canonpws_2978

2018 05 28_canonpws_2972


2018 05 28_canonpws_2968

2018 05 28_canonpws_2982

2018 05 28_canonpws_2984

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  1. Loved this ... been too long since we’ve been in SCal, and back then oldtown San Diego was a favorite. I scrolled to see if you ate at a favorite Mexican Restaurant that I remember clearly...all but the name. My mouth is watering just thinking of it.

  2. Hello, wonderful scenes from San Diego. Looks like a fun place to visit. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead.

  3. Looks like a neat place to visit, I adore olive oil, makes food taste so different.

  4. Ashamed to say I've driven by Old Town many, many times, but never taken the time to stop and explore. I didn't realize it was California's first settlement. Now it's definitely on my to-do list!! Thanks for the great post.

  5. Very fine images of San Diego!

  6. Very nice pictures of San Diego, gives a good overlook!

  7. It looks great. Somehow I've always missed Old Town in my too-short visits.

  8. never been to San Diego, But I recognice the old man :)


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