Ireland: Day 2 (Waterford)

Waterford was the next stop we took on day 2 in Ireland after leaving Kilkenny. Waterford is known as Ireland's Oldest city that traces its beginnings back to the arrival of the Vikings. In fact in the historic city center, the Vikings' influence is palpable.

I placed Waterford in our itinerary because of its close proximity to Kilkenny and because of the Waterford Crystal and a factory tour perhaps. However, I learned as I was researching that the tour is not offered on Saturdays during the off season - the day we were slated to be there. A bit of a disappointment, true, but I know that despite not being able to go on the tour I would be very happy to see the showroom, wouldn't you?

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It feels like a small city that is walker friendly. We found a public parking and left the car there and explored the city on foot. Our first stop naturally is the House of Waterford Crystal. It's a good time to be awestruck by incredible craftsmanship while avoiding the rain too.

As we were getting our tickets we were told that the tour was not available and if we still want to pay. We said yes and we were not disappointed. And because it was the off season, as I keep on mentioning here, the show room was very empty. Although another couple entered a little bit after us.






We enjoyed a walking tour of the city. A tour that we left to our feet to take us where it wanted. So far we were so pleased with our exploration. It would really help when there's a guide to point out the significance of a building or an installation. True you can read the plaques but there are always back stories that are provided by the tour guide.
Anyway, we again found ourselves on the streets with few people. Definitely off season. It was pleasant because there's no elbowing for rooms but a little unusual not to encounter even locals on the streets on a Saturday.

As I said we walked around and around and entered churches and peeked at store front windows and took many photos, what else, right?

Museum across from the Waterford Crystal House

Looks like this area is known as the Viking Triangle.




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Eventually we reached the waterfront area where we took a few photos and found what we were looking for - a gift shop. We failed to get a ref magnet in Kilkenny - still irritated by it - so we were not going to miss adding to our collection a Waterford magnet. At the gift shop, I found a lot of items I wanted to buy, but as we were only on second day I knew that there would be more chances and more selections to be had at other cities, particularly in Dublin. Thus I limited by purchase to Waterford magnet.

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Very interesting billboard across the water.

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  1. Hello, wonderful tour of Ireland. It looks like an awesome place to visit. Great photos.
    Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  2. What an awesome tour. Love all the architecture and the Waterford is amazing.

  3. I thought the wood carving looked excellent.

  4. I was in Ireland in 2009 and we loved it! We drove past Waterford but decided not to turn as we were on our way to visit family.

  5. I'm glad the Waterford Showroom is still open despite the fact very little of the crystal is still made in Ireland. When we visited about 10 years ago the tour guide told us that business was bad and that the young people don't buy as much crystal as in the past. Most of it was being made in Poland. I personally love Waterford crystal and bought a few pieces as keepsakes--wish I could have afforded more!

  6. You really seem to have had Waterford to yourselves. :)

  7. We didn't get to see as much of Waterford as you did, so I enjoyed your photos very much. We were able to take the tour of the factory and it was interesting despite the fact that they don't make most of their crystal there anymore. I bought a small perfume bottle in the showroom.


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