Ireland: Day 7 (Dublin - The Guinness Storehouse)

The Guinness Storehouse experience is something else. Every guide book on Dublin marks this as a must see/visit and now I know why. And because it is such, the place is crowded even on an off season visit. This would be the only place where we encountered a crowd in this 8-day trip.

The Guinness Storehouse is Dublin's most popular attraction offering 7 floors of interactive experiences and display that feature the rich Irish history with Guinness brewing heritage. On every floor is an enriching experience about the black stuff, as they call it. I fully enjoyed this visit here, although due to time constraint we had to skip the 5th floor which is the dining hall, opting instead to spend more time in the 7th floor for a panoramic view of Dublins rooftops and skyline.

Inside, there is so much to see that taking photos took a backseat I thought.

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2018 01 18_canonpws_0263

A floor designated as Guinness Academy, where one is taught to pour the perfect pint.

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2018 01 18_canonpws_0281

One by one people take turns pouring the perfect pint.

2018 01 18_canonpws_0282

Can't help but take a video at hubby's turn.

To complete the experience, each one gets a certificate as souvenir.

2018 01 18_canonpws_0276
There is also a wall of photos of luminaries who have visited the storehouse.

The price of entry includes a pint of Guinness which we enjoyed in the Gravity Bar, 7th floor with 360-degree views of the city.

2018 01 18_canoneos_0723
The Gravity Bar as seen from the street.

2018 01 18_canoneos_0769

2018 01 18_canoneos_0770

2018 01 18_canoneos_0772

2018 01 18_canoneos_0775

2018 01 18_canoneos_0782

I must confess that I am not a fan of Guinness. But Guinness in Ireland does not taste like the Guinness in the states. I like the Guinness back there, as you can see I'm halfway through my glass.



  1. That looks like fun. I enjoy a pint of Guinness now and then!

  2. Great photos - makes me want to join the fun.

  3. I don't like Guinness or any kind of beer (for that matter) but I would enjoy this tour especially the section on advertising. I always loved the Guinness adverts which were so different from the usual run of the mill.

  4. I'm Dublin born and go back every few years. Took friends to Storehouse on last trip and they loved it. I don't drink Guinness in Canada or the States either, but do in Ireland!

  5. Wow! Very interesting! I want to drink a glass of Guiness beer.

  6. I’m glad you tried (and e joyed ) the end product after that extensive tour. Fascinating learning experience with a reward at the end (I don’t like it here either, but definitely would try it there). Beautiful view of the city from the to!

  7. I am not a fan of Guinness in any country, but I would enjoy the tour very much. I got a giggle out of the Brewing Process sign, in which Step 11 is Enjoy! Thanks for your recent visit to my blog!

  8. Great, Loved the post. Beautiful pics.

  9. Fantastic photos, I love the cityscape views, they are absolutely beautiful.

  10. Wow, one more reason to go to Ireland.


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