Roadtrip to Yellowstone: Day 2 - Old Faithful

Up until this time, our exploration of Yellowstone had been mostly confined to driving around and stopping to take photos. Here, however, we were able to stretch out our legs and followed the boardwalk. We were scared to take a longer trail because we arrived past 1 pm if I am not mistaken and we have a long way to go to our stop for the night. It was very tough to visit this huge park in just a couple of days. You would not be able to see all. As a matter of fact, you see very little. We decided that for the very limited time we had, the Old Faithful area is the one to spend the most time in. After all, to us, this is the centerpiece of the park.

There are approximately 10,000 thermal features in the park, among them are hot springs, geysers, fumaroles or steam vents and mud pots. Old Faithful erupts more frequently than any of the other big geysers averaging 76 minutes interval between eruptions. We were lucky that it started to erupt when we just got there.


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  1. Hi! Your photos are very beautiful. I remembered my trip both this national park and Grand Teton national park.

  2. Wow! wow! wow! Can't wait to see Yellowstone. Superb photographs of the geothermal area. :)

  3. Why there are no people swimming? I´d dip in. Nice one.

  4. Gorgeous scenery and photos. I love Yellowstone, my favorite park. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day. Have a great weekend ahead.

  5. Wow, great scenery and beautiful photos.

  6. Great photos. What a wonderful tip you are having! I still have never made it to Yellowstone yet! I really need to go there one day. Happy Holidays to you!

  7. I've worked in Yellowstone for the past two summers and your photos made me homesick. I love that place! You did a great job with photos--beautiful!

  8. LOL at Tardy Geyser! I've only been once but will never forget it. Thanks for sharing your excellent photos!

  9. Brilliant photos. Thanks for the post.
    Greetings from India

  10. Thanks for recalling some wonderful memories of our visit...can almost smell the sulfur. I love the shot with the boardwalk in the foreground...great leading lines into the scene!!


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