Egypt: Day 3 (Temple of Isis in Philae)

Once you step foot on the island, you are welcomed at the Temple in Philae. This is not exactly true. You see the original two islands known as Philae are now buried underneath man-made Lake Nasser as a consequence of building the Aswan High Dam. Since the original island used to be flooded with the construction of Aswan Low Dam, they knew that the temple would be completely lost with the creation of the High Dam. Thus, a huge project undertaken by UNESCO to relocate the temple to its current location. Just the idea that this entire complex of structures has been taken apart in one island and put back together in another island is reason enough to visit it. And people come here to visit it in droves.

The temple is dedicated to the goddess Isis and has been reused in later years as Christian church; I've seen cross hieroglyph on the wall. This is going to be some sort of a photographic narrative, because if you know me, I don't always listen to the guide. I am easily distracted by everything beautiful and new and fascinating around me. However, I found this, this, and this to be a good read about the temple.

2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5561
Dos and don'ts when visiting the temple at the entrance of the complex.

2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5570
Temple of Isis.

2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5584
Our group in front of the Temple of Isis.

2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5575

2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5576
One of tour mates who just like me was more interested in photography than history lesson. Although I wished I had time to both listen first then look later.

2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5588
Same facade when you enter the temple.

Inside the temple:

2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5598




2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5597

2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5601

Other structures in the complex:

2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5568
Can't avoid arms and head and legs on one's photo.

2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5614

2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5627

2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5622


2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5616

2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5626

2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5625



Time is so short when you're having fun. Back on the boat I snapped a few more shots while saying goodbye to this fascinating island.

2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5666

2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5667

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  1. What a privilege to tour this temple in Egypt! The walls are so fascinating, and all the history -- wow!

  2. What a great place. I am like you, I am interested in history but when time is short and I have to choose, I will take the photos. I feel that I can read the history later.

  3. Amazing and mind-boggling that the entire temple was moved from one location to another! I'm just like you... listening to the tour guide is interesting, but I'm much more interested in capturing photos!

  4. I can't tell you how much I want to walk here and see everything in person

  5. Wonderful place. Amazing pics. Great to read.

  6. Because I know I will never visit this island, Maria, I'm thrilled to see it through your eyes. I had to laugh when I read "this is going to be some sort of a photographic narrative, because if you know me, I don't always listen to the guide. I am easily distracted by everything beautiful and new and fascinating around me." We're two peas in a pod. :)

  7. Egypt is always enchanting. Great post!

  8. Hello, beautiful photos. The temple tour looks great. The details on the walls are amazing. Enjoy your day, happy weekend!

  9. Greatly appreciated you changed your comment profile, so I can reach you at your blog with my blog! My brother told me more than once, I should go to Egypt, because I would like it there:)

  10. I feel like I am stepping into the Bible

  11. What a wonderful place to visit. Stunning photos, thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  12. Egypt is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Beautiful blue sky. Interesting to visit the temple. Read about it but never visited.

  14. wow! what am amazing place ~ such history and great photography!

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