Egypt: Day 3 (Perfume Store and Unfinished Obelisk)

Yes, we are still on Day 3. We have already flown from Cairo to Aswan, visited Aswan High Dam and explored the Temple at Philae and we're not about done with Day 3. From the Temple, we were taken to a perfume store. Not just any perfume store, it's a big one. And I believe is one of the "accredited" perfume store in Aswan, because they are ready and able to accommodate a large tour group like us. As a matter of fact, they have refreshing hibiscus tea waiting for us. They manufacture and sell perfumes and essential oils. In addition, they also make these adorable glass bottles for perfumes that you can purchase. Also, there was a short demonstration of how they create the bottles.

But the fun came when we were all in a sitting room and samples of perfumes and essential oils were passed around for sniffing. It was a nice departure from all the sightseeing we had done so far, being exposed to the heat of the sun. Here we were sitting in a comfortable air conditioned room and we're surrounded by sweet smells; although after a while you're nose will get "nose blind" as they say. Too much different scents in a short time. Since I have gotten allergic to perfume a few years back, I went with the essential oils. My friend and I decided to split the 4-item combo to save money; so we chose 2 each. I selected amber oil as a sleep aid and lotus oil for perfume.

Egyptian perfume bottles
Cute perfume bottles and diffuser for essential oils.


Next, we drove to the stone quarry to look at the largest unfinished obelisk. However, the early afternoon sun was bearing down on all of us that the guide conducted his spiel under the roofed veranda of the visitor building. Wikipedia has something on the obelisk here. Honestly, probably if not for the heat I would have been interested in learning about it and get a closer look. However, when the guide gave us the Go signal to climb up to the pile of stones to get a closer look at the obelisk (you can see it from the parking lot), my husband knew that it's not something that I wanted to do at that time. He went on with the people to see the obelisk up close, while I walked with a few of those that didn't want to do anything under the scorching sun to the shops/stalls near the exit of the compound. We browsed at the merchandise and sipped ice-cold beverages.

2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5670

2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5673

2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5674
Can you see the unfinished obelisk?

2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5675
How about now? Shot from the parking lot.

Obelisk from another view.

Checking the itinerary for the day, next was check-in to the hotel. Finally. I was so exhausted as everyone else, I presumed, given the outrageously early time we started this day. The hotel we were billeted again surpassed my expectations, just like the hotel in Cairo. And just like the hotel in Cairo, this one Movenpick Resort is situated in an island - Elephantine island. The hotel has some mixed reviews online, but the room (if you could call it that) that we were given was outstanding. It had 2 floors; the sitting area on the ground floor opens to a backyard views of the water and the sand dune. Spectacular views. The upper floor is the sleeping area. It had bathrooms on each floor. Pity, that we only had one night here. I was too tired to look around the resort, but some of my tour mates did and reported that down the other end of the compound is another structure that contained the more traditional hotel rooms instead of the condo type rooms that we have. On the same building that we are situated, they have the restaurants and the bar and lounge area and the front desk area. The hotel has complimentary ferry ride to the town.


2018 11 28_egyptpentax_5684



2018 11 27_canoneos_6831

2018 11 27_canoneos_6834

2018 11 27_canoneos_6835

2018 11 27_canoneos_6849

2018 11 27_canoneos_6852

2018 11 27_canoneos_6853
The structures across the Nile from the hotel looked fascinating. Too bad we didn't have time to explore.

Day 3 is not over yet. Now, talk about milking this day for multiple postings.

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  1. Oh Egypt is such a beautiful country! If gives you star wars aesthetics with all its rich history! I love the glass arts. Thanks for taking us with you!

  2. Not too many people perfume any more. I got on an elevator the other day and a woman stepped in with a bunch of people she ended up right next to me and she had a great perfume. I almost said something but you know its just not wise to comment on such things any longer so I am glad I did not.
    I love the bottles. I love essiential oils as well except some really get my allergies going.
    That condo is deluxe. Reallly too bad you were not there for more than one night.
    The obelisk is ultra cool, the other buildings are very interesting.
    I love the trip you are having and the fact that you are sharing so much.

  3. Nice looking hotel,my stay there was in a Nile cruise.

  4. Hello, nice hotel. The colorful bottles are pretty. Wonderful photos from your trip! Hope your day is great, happy weekend!

  5. Gorgeous photos of your wonderful adventure ~ Love the colors of the bottles and the contrast of the stone and desert ~ thanks ^_^

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  6. That's an amazing perfume bottle collection! A beautiful hotel room, and I agree about the structures on the other side of the Nile. Would be fun to explore, time permitting.

  7. In years gone, I wanted to visit Egypt so badly but in the current world climate, I am not so sure....seeing your photo's makes me, once again, want to experience it for myself.

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  9. Wow, what a grand day three. I love the coloured perfume bottles, they are very pretty.
    Beautiful photos, so nice seeing this part of the world.
    Thanks for sharing.

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