My World In Quarantine

Today, Easter Sunday, is day 26 of my quarantine. Everything has been said about the impact this pandemic has on the world and I'm not going to add any more to this. However I am going to share what's been like in this new normal for me.

The husband and I are lucky to be able to work from home. We have settled into our daily routine. He takes the dining room table and I'm on the computer desk in the master's bedroom. The cats choose to guard me all day - mainly because I take time to pause and give them brushies, treats or kisses.

The weather has been cool and while some days are sunny they are still cool. I think cooler than March-April weather as I remember it. That's good in the sense that I don't feel too bad staying in. On weekends or on my day off, we go grocery shopping. One time I took a very long way to go to the grocery store just so I can stay out longer.

I have taken a few shots while outside grocery shopping or just in the backyard.

Quarantine has turned my thumb green. The first indoor plant that I managed to re-bloom. I have another orchid that is starting to bloom after the original bloom has faded.

I was successful bagging the priced commodity after multiple attempts and visits at many different stores. Overjoyed, I shared this immediately on social media.

Why would you want your pork to taste like shrimp?

My church assembled this Easter bag containing items needed for Eucharist for Easter online service.

My supervisor. She's watching me from this post every single day.

We will get through this everybody. We just have to do our part. We can't all be front liners. But we can do our part by obeying the social distancing rules and staying at home waiting the pandemic out. God Bless Us All.


  1. A lot of lovely photos. It sounds like you are coping well and I too would be overjoyed if I scored a bit package of toilet paper like you did, lol. Happy Easter. God bless.

  2. Thanks for the lovely photos, nature certainly is very calming and even a walk around a garden can do wonders for our peace of mind. I have also detoured a little on my not very frequent shopping trips for necessities and have found the little parks and gardens very enjoyable even from the car window! Take care.

  3. Lovely floral pictures! Hope these days of quarantine get over fast.
    Happy OWT!

  4. Belated happy Easter! Lovely flowers you have. I can't seem to make my Orchids flower. I have two succulents, and I am trying to propagate them. I hope I'll be successful.

  5. I have a thing for different types of cacti and my daughter has quite a few in pots on her windowsill, we are waiting for them to flower at some point.

  6. the weather has indeed been cooler. we're in the thick of summer here in the philippines but the heat is bearable compared to the previous years.


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