Port Day in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, part 2

[part 1 here]

We left the market and walked towards the church. Along the way, we stumbled upon this little square and ended up staying for a bit because of an intriguing face sculpture.




The double-sided face sculpture by Igor Mitoraj in front of the Guimera Theatre was popular selfie-spot. What a fascinating piece of art.

2019 01 19_canonpws_7431
View looking towards the street.

2019 01 19_canonpws_7432
Close up looking towards the street.

The other side, view from street looking towards the theatre.

Side view from street.

Continuing our pursuit of the church, we passed by beautiful buildings and a street with graffiti and murals. What an enjoyable stroll around the city this was. When we reached the church, we found out it was closed for renovation, what a pity.











Further, we stumbled upon another church. Unfortunately this one's closed also.



On the map that we were following, there was another church not far away, thus we headed that way. However, before we could go there we chanced upon a almost pedestrian shopping area, Rambla de Santa Cruz. This seemed to be the perfect time for a coffee/wifi break. At Cafe y Te, my girlfriend and I had coffee, the husbands had beers while the millenial had a smoothie. Why am I mentioning this coffee shop? Because of this:


After the coffee break, we decided to stop looking for a church to visit and instead do a bit of shopping. Then back to the boat.

Let me reiterate that the downside to visiting a new place via a cruise is the very limited time one gets to spend in the city on port days. I find Santa Cruz very easy to visit and as far as I am concerned everything is walkable.

This is the end of the Canary Islands part of this cruise. Now on to another destination.


  1. I really like the double-sided face sculpture. It's so intriguing.

    I agree with you about the limited time to visit a place via cruise. That's one reason why I'm hesitant to go on another cruise.

  2. I like the face sculpture, it's like it's looking at everyone.

  3. Street art sculptures and cobblestone pathways - my type of places to visit.

  4. The double sided face is fascinating.

  5. Oh how beautiful this city is! I just wish our cities here would also feature beautiful sculptures made by our local artists. i really like the floor tiles on that bathroom. I would love to see those tiles also on a semi-outdoor lanai or ground floor garden. Beautiful!

  6. Those street sculptures really are terrific. And of course even if I'd not read initially that these were pictures from a Spanish town, I would have known instantly. Spanish towns and cities just have so much vibrancy and character.

  7. Amazing art and architecture! Everything is intriguing from the face to the tiles on the floor. Thanks for sharing your trip to a historic part of our world.

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  9. Wonderful travel memory photos ~ what an adventure for you and us through your photos ^_^

    Be Well,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)


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