I'm not a religious person in the truest sense of the word; although my husband and I attend church regularly and at some point have been very active in church. But I never ever considered myself relious. My mother is the one who's religious. She dragged me to church every chance she got.

I do like going to church, especially when I'm traveling. Not usually to pray (although no matter what type of church it is, even a mosque, I say a little thank you) but to enjoy the architecture.

Going to church and socializing with other church members is another thing the pandemic ended temporarily; and I'm going to say I miss it. I miss going to church on Sundays. I miss visiting churches while traveling.

You know what's curious though? The place where I felt the the presence of a God in a most intense way, I could not even fully describe it, was in Yosemite. I suppose being in Nature will give you that warm, well-loved feeling.

Anyway, here's a random selection of house of worships from previous travels. By the way, I join many of you who cannot wait when we all could pack our bags and go through Immigration again. IMG_0586 Hassan II Mosque. Casablanca, Morocco. HPIM1738 Mission Santa Barbara. California 2174 Church of Holy Apostles. Athens. 2012_09_03 capitola 022 Gurdwara Sahib (Sikh Temple). San Jose, California. IMG_8270 Cathedral la Major. Marseille, France IMGP3354 St. Jeronimo's Monastery. Lisbon, Portugal IMG_20180118_060532540_HDR Christ Church Cathedral. Dublin, Ireland 2010 01 01_pentax_4666 Temple of the Church of Latter Day Saints. Salt Lake City, Utah IMG_1680-EFFECTS Sagrada Familia. Barcelona, Spain.

St. Helena, California


  1. These buildings are all exquisite in their own ways, from elaborate to simple. I have entered church doors, too, on my travels and written about it. To quote myself, “Perhaps it was the right mix of weather and mood, but it was surprisingly more heavenly on top of Mt. Pilatus in Switzerland than in any elaborate church we visited.”

  2. I am not religious but I have sorely missed going into a church and absorbing the atmosphere. I enjoyed your photos.

  3. I feel like you, but there is a lot of fantstic religious buildings around the world, worth a visit.

  4. I enjoyed your selection of house of worships. Magnificent!

    I really do miss traveling.

  5. Hello,

    Beautiful collection of churches. I am not religious, but like you I do love the buildings.
    Take care, enjoy your day and have a great week ahead.

  6. Beautiful collection from your travels. I think there’s a difference between being spiritual and being religious.

  7. To me nature is God. I've been a Christian for over 20 years, I was raised with the belief in God from a very young age from my mother but sadly yes there are people out there who over do it a bit.


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