Some Enchanted Evening

Over the Holiday Season, there were light shows around the area as a sort of diversion for people who are tired of being cooped up at home. We all know that we NEED to stay home for everyone's sake and health, but deep inside of us we are know that we're going to go crazy if we can't go out and grocery shopping or picking up take-outs sometimes don't count anymore.

Thus, when nearby theme park Six Flags Discovery Kingdom had a drive-through light show ($14.99/pp), we immediately bought tickets for Christmas Eve. Usually Christmas Eve is for church and family get-together, but Dec 2020 our social calendar was open.

The line to get in was long and at one point my husband wanted to skip it, except that we couldn't find a way to leave the lines. Further on, there was a place to turn around, but once there we already decided to push through. All in all, the wait was not bad. The display was nice, but in all honesty, it could be better - much better. I'm guessing this being the first time (?) they are putting this show, they could only improve next time. Also, my phone was being temperamental and my videos and some of my photos weren't saved. I didn't really know what happened.

A few of the shots I took.

PXL_20201225_052718294 PXL_20201225_051857547 PXL_20201225_052333689 PXL_20201225_052400315 PXL_20201225_052419238 PXL_20201225_052746239 PXL_20201225_052813105

For New Year, we visited Golden Gate Park for the temporary light installations at Peacock Meadow. It was a drizzly, cold night when we visited and while the place was packed with people, we were all masked up and everyone seemed to be avoiding one another.

PXL_20210103_020503474.NIGHT PXL_20210103_014734409 PXL_20210103_014748800 PXL_20210103_015600962 PXL_20210103_015518277 PXL_20210103_015442983 PXL_20210103_015440761 PXL_20210103_015235332 PXL_20210103_015220474 PXL_20210103_015157274_2

Of course a selfie.

We walked to nearby Conservatory of Flowers for a little shot. It too was lit. PXL_20210103_020056093.NIGHT PXL_20210103_020111653.NIGHT


  1. Love light displays, I would've taken lots of photos too

  2. Must have been fun at the end!

  3. Gorgeous and festive night shots ~ must have been so uplifting for everyone ~ love the selfie ~

    Moment by moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  4. A gorgeous display - each photo is a treat!
    Thanks for sharing at

  5. These are good reasons to get out of the house. :) The lit trees look lovely. :)

  6. It looked very pretty! I'm sure they will learn and add even more lights this year to the display. We did a local race track drive through light and music show last year so skipped it this year as I thought it might be very much the same. Our botanical garden does a walk through light event but with social distancing and limit on people it sold out fast.

  7. The light displays are so magical and festive!

    Happy Wednesday!

  8. Very cool! I'd love to be there.


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