NV/AZ/UT Road Trip: Green River, Utah

We stayed in Green River for two nights because of its proximity to Arches, Canyonlands and Capitol Reef National Parks. As I mentioned earlier, when we arrived on the first day we roamed around, but nothing much to see. We settled on stretching our legs with a little walk along Green River (the river) by John Wesley Powell River History Museum even though it was breezy and cold. 2019 05 28_canoneos_0470 IMG_20190527_165633 IMG_20190527_165613 IMG_20190527_165728

A signage about the Book Cliffs was posted along the river bank. IMG_20190527_165944 IMG_20190527_165949 IMG_20190527_165953

Continuing with the walk. IMG_20190527_170013 IMG_20190527_170442 IMG_20190527_170509 IMG_20190527_171325 2019 05 27_canoneos_0667

On the second night, we opted to have a sit-down dinner at the one "fancy" restaurant in town, the Tamarisk Restaurant where we enjoyed the sunset along with our food. The food is nothing fancy but really tasty. IMG_3105 IMG_20190528_192947 IMG_20190528_193907 IMG_20190528_191444

Pork chops with biscuit and gravy and fries. IMG_20190528_191434

My Asian chicken salad was superb. IMG_20190528_194347 Dessert was peach tamale. How tasty.

More photos of the Book Cliffs we took while during our 2 days in Green River. IMG_20190527_164627_1 IMG_20190527_164741 2019 05 28_canoneos_0461 2019 05 28_canoneos_0462 2019 05 28_canoneos_0463 2019 05 29_pentax_9154

On a side note: Can you believe it's March already???????


  1. Great food and a sunset to go with it? Sounds like the best way to end a day.
    Love those rocky landscapes!!

    I know ... March already! We've been living like this for a whole year now?? :-/

  2. Oh my - you got some fantastic photos!
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2021/03/bad-memory.html

  3. Wow! Fabulous photos!

    And yummm -- the food looks amazing!

  4. Very impressive mountains in the distance and that food looks really good.

  5. You found a good place to stay and eat ...not real easy in that area I seem to remember. Beautiful photos.

  6. We lived in Price, UT back in the 60's and I remember the Book Cliffs. Sometimes my father would take trash out tot he city dump and my brother and I would go along and the big adventure was to get back to town from the dump by going cross country. We loved doing that and one of the big challenges was getting across the Price river. We always found a downed tree or something to walk across.
    Nowadays my Dad would go to jail as we were both in grade school but we thought nothing of it.
    The high desert country of Utah is beautiful and you have captured that well.

  7. Marvelous travel photos ~ delightful ~ and food looks yummy too ~

    Living moment by moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  8. Beautiful shots. The mountains are especially interesting to me.

  9. Road trips are an amazing part of any trip. Loved the Utah US road trip. The blog is helpful for first-time travelers who want to go on for solo road trip. Marvelous photos

  10. An interesting travel guide that speaks volumes through pictures. Information on ‘Book cliffs’ and ‘the dream’ resonates Utah’s rich history. Food looks sumptuous and the scenic view divine. Great combination for an adventurous road trip. Thanks for the post.


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