NV/AZ/UT ROADTRIP: Scenic State Route 24 to Green River

This was Day 3 of the road trip and quite a memorable one. It began with us battling through a blizzard just to get to Capitol Reef NP. And then, it was raining the whole time we were in the park that our visit was limited to driving through the Scenic Drive. At this point though I was ready to just coast the 85 or so miles from the park to our home for two nights in a small town called Green River. However, I did not realize (I should have though) how scenic the way to the hotel was despite the constant drizzle the entire way.

Let me show you. 2019 05 27_canoneos_0615 2019 05 27_canoneos_0623 IMG_2837 2019 05 27_canoneos_0617 2019 05 27_canoneos_0626 IMG_2840 IMG_20190527_134700 2019 05 27_canoneos_0662

Green River is a sleepy town with its Main Street as the place to be. It's where everything is located - restaurants, hotels, gas stations etc. Our hotel for two nights was in Main Street next to a truck stop and restaurant. Once the check-in was over, we found that resting is not what we wanted to do. For sure we wanted to see what this town has to offer. With Mr. Google's help we found that they have a state park, but once we got there it was like an abandoned RV park. Not exactly what we were looking for.

When the park did not pan out, we just drove. The town is tiny, you blink and you passed it, so we just took some side streets to nowhere and kept driving to view the Book Cliffs (another post). Next we stumbled upon John Wesley Powell River History Museum, also on Main Street. We, however, did not go in but instead walked along the side of the museum along the river, which is called Green River - also for another post.

Once the chill picked up even more and the daylight is ending, we decided we were too tired to have a sit-down dinner in a restaurant. And since we have two nights in this town, we can visit the restaurant we liked the next day, we thought why not yield to Yelp and go check out this taco truck in a converted gas station. Everyone seems to love this place and looked like this was the place we could get a take-out dinner. IMG_20190527_172046

Main Street IMG_20190527_172153

Tacos La Pasadita, a nonmoving taco truck in a former Shell gas station. We had 4 tacos, chili relleno (my go-to order in Mexican restaurants) and a tostada. IMG_20190527_172703

They have some seating outdoors and indoors. IMG_20190527_174530

The tacos were good, but I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where they take pride in their tacos and burritos, so needless to say I wasn't impressed. It was good for a small town. Disclaimer: I could only gauge their quality by the food we order and we only ordered 3 items, but it was authentic though.


  1. Such amazing topography in Capitol Reef NP! I can't wait to visit it one day. I enjoyed all your photos.

  2. Our plans to travel in the area you've photographed were cancelled due to pandemic - hope to be able to reschedule!
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2021/02/more-from-last-weeks-peek-at-cedar-creek.html

  3. ...this is a part of the country that I haven't visited. There is beauty in the ruggedness.

  4. Love the rugged landscape!

    Happy Wednesday!

  5. Wow - that scenery is awesome.

  6. Gorgeous photos of your road trip ~ ^_^

    Living moment by moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  7. What a fabulous part of the world! The scenery is just majestic!

    Feel free to share at My Corner of the World

  8. We enjoyed the amazing scenery Capitol Reef years ago ...it was over the 4th of July long weekend and definitely *not* cold or raining ))! We had our Jeep with us on that camping trip and think we explored every nook and cranny of that whole area.

  9. wow, that´s a stunning landscape for sure. Amazing what nature is capable of.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  10. I remember Green River as being really small. Turned out things haven't changed that much.

  11. amazing photos.... I wish I could visit this place.
    Thank you for sharing photos and story.

  12. What a wonderful scenery!
    Love the way you take those photos.
    The Tacos Truck at Shell look unique :)


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