Now, it's March. What else is new?

Twenty-twenty-one brings very few changes from the previous year. Still working from home, still wearing masks and applying hand sanitizer if not washing the hands. And still not traveling.

And if we're not driving around town, we're puttering in the garden. Still plenty of work needs to be done, but we do a little every week - an excuse to be outdoors and get our Vitamin D. I must be honest, while I get some semblance of happiness from gardening, it's not something I wholeheartedly enjoy. I know people who could weed and putter around the garden for hours and feel energized. But I love flowers - all kind of flowers and when they start showing up, I do too with my phone or camera in tow.


Another succulent

Still another succulent

Hyacinth - tiny one - shows up every year with one tiny bloom.

Agapanthus is early this year - must be due to the warm winter







My cymbidium orchids had seen years of neglect (I only water, no plant food) but every year they provide me with such beautiful blooms.


  1. I'm so very glad you have shown up with your camera/phone, Maria, because that's where you shine! Hopefully soon we'll all be vaccinated and can start our travels again. I'm counting on it! God willing and the creek don't rise, we plan to be in America come October!

  2. You have captured these beautiful flowers so well. My favorite is Walnut.

  3. The fruits of your labour are glorious!

  4. I think Spring is upon us!! Beautiful blooms you show us.

  5. Beautiful floral shots ~ Think we all need Spring ~ been a long year ~ hang in ~ be safe

    Living moment by moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  6. All lovely!
    Thanks for joining us at

  7. how wonderful your post it! Such variety in both shape and colors. Love them all and wish it was time for us in Sweden as well. But we got some additional snow today :(
    Re your question, no, I don´t collect dolls. My sister collect Barbi-dolls and sew dresses for her. I mainly use them for photography. :)

  8. Nice close-ups from the garden! I must say we are lucky to own a garden these days...

  9. Wow ! Stunning blooms and I envy that you can grow so many variety of fruits like blueberries, apricot , Walnut and Apple at your place, It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to Gardening, Nature and birds here at

  10. Some flowers thrive on benign neglect...those orchids must not need plant food in your climate and soil. Yay! I am completely with you on loving flowers but Not gardening. I don’t miss that at all since we sold out to travel when we retired...but I’m sure glad other people enjoy it and let me take pictures of the resukts!

  11. just to say :
    have a wonderful day

  12. So pretty! Enjoy spring.
    And it looks like we'll be able to travel this summer.�������� ����

  13. Gorgeous photos!
    Spring has sprung!

  14. I"m kind of in the beginning of an Autumn clean up here. Picking up leaves, sweeping, putting down layers of grass clippings in preparation of Winter.


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