Religious Art from All Over

I always had a problem with taking too many photos, something that I'm guessing most of you know and understand. The only problem is that we can only share a number of photos on one blog post, so most of the photos we take remain hidden. In my defense I take a lot of photos with the goal of doing a hodge podge sort of post - like this one I'm about to do. And with this I want to wish that this season fills us with hope and peace.

In this wonderful season of Easter, allow me to share all these photos of religious icons and statues and sculptures that I have collected throughout the years.

MONTSERRAT MONASTERY (Outside of Barcelona, Spain) barcelona montserrat marseilles 2014 119 barcelona montserrat marseilles 2014 085 barcelona montserrat marseilles 2014 127

ST. ALPHONSUS CHURCH (NOLA) 11_24_2012 243 11_24_2012 252 11_24_2012 253

GALWAY CATHEDRAL (Ireland) IMG_20180116_053843855 2018 01 16_canoneos_0820 IMG_20180116_080825806


genoa and malaga 2014 244 genoa and malaga 2014 213 genoa and malaga 2014 206

CATHEDRAL DE LA MAJOR (Marseille, France) barcelona montserrat marseilles 2014 477 barcelona montserrat marseilles 2014 483 barcelona montserrat marseilles 2014 476


IMG_0250 IMG_0252 IMG_20180528_144728750


  1. What a perfect post for this special day! Thank you.

  2. A stunning collection ... and absolutely perfect for this Easter season!

  3. What a fine collection of fantastic art.

  4. We're all guilty of taking too many photographs. :D That's a superb collection of pictures from your travels.

    Belated Easter wishes to you. :)

  5. Beautiful religious art photos ~ perfect for the season ~ Xo

    Living moment by moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  6. It's nice to know I'm not the only one that does that, when we go away I literally take photos of everything. Hope you had a nice Easter.

  7. I'm surprised you have nothing from the UK there where we have some superb art in churches


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