NV/AZ/UT Road Trip: Canyonlands NP

After already getting all hyped by all the sandstone rock formations that we have seen so far, I was super excited to see what Canyonlands had to offer. I knew then that disappointed, we will not. From where we entered the park, we reached the Island in the Sky Visitor Center and made a stop there. Once we received answers on our questions about the park, we left. Just across it though is a viewpoint and it was worth an inspection from us, since many people are already doing that. Again, nothing here seems to disappoint. Every angle, every which way you look you’d find something that would drop your jaw. It was photography heaven. I may have taken a couple hundred more shots of the same spot, but who’s counting right? Just right here from across the Visitor Center as you gaze at the landscape your visit is already worth it. No need to go any further, but naturally we did drive a bit farther. Huge, massive, so large is the park I found out that the place I wanted to visit (The Needles) still required about a four hours more of driving. So when I found that out, I was content just enjoying the sights around the vicinity in the area of the park called Island in the Sky.

IMG_20190528_100430 IMG_20190528_100610_edited-1 IMG_20190528_113700 IMG_20190528_105559 IMG_20190528_105714 IMG_20190528_105609 May I be allowed to repeat my amazement at this landscape? It’s not something that’s easy to describe. It’s even a spiritual experience, if you’d ask me. Remove the crowd and imagine yourself alone with this sight! It’s energizing, restorative, healing, transforming experience, I tell you. Such is the nature of being with nature isn’t it? You feel small and yet full and complete.

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[Photos above are from Mesa Arch]

Anyway, the good thing about this is that while there were many people, it did not feel crowded. There were a few spots where people jockey for the best selfie background, but overall, it was a wonderful experience. Besides, I enjoy watching the joy in people’s faces when I go to places like this. I’m pretty sure it’s mirroring what’s on my face at that same moment.

IMG_20190528_100908 IMG_20190528_102834 2019 05 28_canoneos_0278 I really wish we could travel again without restrictions, but with intentional vigilance at staying safe and making others safe while doing it. I cannot wait to get back OUT there - wherever it may be. It’s getting closer to that point.

[I intend to finally finish the documentation of this road trip - my last trip before Covid.]


  1. I've added this to my bucket list of places to visit. You're right, it is jaw dropping! The spiritual experience you mention is very real for Native Americans. Many of these places hold special spiritual significance for them.

  2. I spent part of my childhood growing up not too far away and in the Canyonlands and many areas out of it, I never got tired of seeing the amazing rock formations. Your photos make me want to go back and check it out.

  3. Stunning. Absolutely stunning.
    Thank you for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2021/06/mmmm-magnolia.html

  4. Wow! There's not enough superlatives to describe the photos.

  5. Stunning landscapes! This country has so many different types of terrain that is amazing. Really beautiful.


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