The First Half of 2021

I thought since I haven't blogged in 2 months that the post I make when I return to blogging is an update. After all, the year is almost halfway done, can you believe it? Tell me how come 2 months of summer not seeing your schoolmates is eternity as child, but six months as an adult is like you blink and it's passed? Anyway, this is how the proverbial cookie crumbled in the first half of the year.

While many have boldly resumed leisure travel, we opted to wait until we are fully vaccinated, and even then would not venture out farther than a day trip can cover. Not only were we still very much concerned with Covid, the husband's work schedule had been very tight and chaotic, so turned into weekend warriors. Here are some of our day trip photos.

Somewhere in Half Moon Bay a field of yellow.

Visited an almond orchard in Modesto to view the trees in full bloom, except that it rained a day or so before and all the blooms are on the ground instead of the trees. Still a great drive out there.

Bodega Bay has become a go-to spot when in need of a little pick-me-up.

Mt. Tamalpais from Remillard Park. Remillard Park is a short drive away but a wonderful find during this time.

Personally, the first half is defined by mom's passing. No matter how old a person is when they passed, you feel like they were taken way too soon. And that's how this felt in this case. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks, and in pandemic we could not visit her at all. When she was moved to another area of the hospital where no Covid patients were stationed, we were able to twist the doctor's arm and allow one visitor at a time. She was then transfered to my/her home as a hospice patient. These were busy times. My 4 brothers and I took turns sitting with mom so that she can get help 24/7. We were thankful that we were given 3 more weeks to say goodbye before she eventually passed and even then it's difficult. During the 5 weeks, both while in hospital and here at home, all I could manage to think of was the logistics of taking care of my mother and managing the needs of the ones taking care of her while working full-time. The tough part is after she passed. We couldn't get a date for funeral and the closest one was about a month away from time of death. However, because of the delay, the protocols for Covid had loosened a bit and viewing and church funeral service were allowed so we managed to do both with mostly family members in attendance. We understood that the safety of the individual is foremost and we could feel our friends and extended families love from afar.

My college roommate was one of the few friends that attended the viewing and funeral. She stayed with me for a few days - she, her husband, and her son/my godson. We got to take them around the area and show them our beautiful Bay Area.

We took pictures at Domaine Carneros Winery, because they're not much for wines and because we didn't have reservations.

I really wanted to show them Ledson Winery and of course she agreed that it's so Instagrammable.

She enjoyed walking around Sonoma Plaza.

What locals would not bring an out-of-towner for a stroll and ice cream in Sausalito? Sorry, I just realized I didn't take photos.

My friend's husband loves to fish and wanted to see where the fishing holes are and we showed him Fort Mason for the fishing and the views - 2 birds one stone kind of thing.

She had a great time in Berkeley Rose Garden and again I only realized that I barely have photos from that visit.

We did a photo shoot in Treasure Island.

I am glad that she drove up here to be with me at this time. It was a diversion from everything that's going on. My brothers won't leave me alone in my own home because they think I'm afraid to be alone. I'm not. It's weird, but typically I am a scaredy cat, but not this time. It's my mother after all you know.

Last year, first year of the pandemic, I was hands on with the garden. This year the garden produced flowers but I didn't take as many photos as before. Let me show the few that I took.

Currently, I am hoping for short get-away somewhere in the Central Coast and before the year ends a little Cancun or Cabo break. Fingers crossed!


  1. got my fingers crossed for 2 lovely get aways for you before 2022 comes around

  2. You had quite a time. Sorry about your mother.

  3. Welcome back. Thanks for the post.
    Stay well. Greetings.

  4. No matter how expected the death of a loved one might be, it is still a shock and takes time to come to terms with especially losing your mum. You are fortunate to have beautiful scenery close by that can provide some solace.

  5. Hi, nice to see you again. Love all your shots, but expecially the row of almond trees.
    The landscapes you share are stunning.
    Glad to learn you are vaccinated. So am I. A little bit more secure. :)
    Sorry to learn about your mom and that you could not visit before she passed.
    But she probably knew why.
    Take care.

  6. I'm so sorry about your mom. It's always difficult, no matter how prepared you think you are for it. Glad your friend was able to be with you. The winery shots and Remillard are my favorite shots from this beautiful post. Wishing you well.

  7. So sorry to hear about your mum's passing. You've had a tough time but come through it well. Those days out have clearly helped you to think it through.

  8. So sorry for your loss.

    I too haven't written in my blog for over 6 months, and I am amazed that we are already in mid 2021!

    We have family and friends in your neck of the woods, and except for the Golden Gate Bridge area and Sausalito, I haven't been to most of the pretty places you mentioned in this post. Will have to visit them next time.

  9. saw a lot of beautiful things in the first half of the year!

  10. Sorry to read about your mum's passing. Heartfelt condolences to you.

    Beautiful captures as always. Hopefully Corona becomes a thing of the past soon and everybody can start travelling freely again.

  11. Gorgeous photos of the area ~ lovely floral photos and lots of healing hugs at the loss of your Mom ~ hard to lose our dear loved ones ~ Xo

    Live in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  12. colorful and lovely flowers.... great shots

  13. So sorry to hear that, M. Here's sending you some virtual hugs and wishing you a peaceful summer. 🤗
    You need a good trip. I hope you're able to work something out. Take care. :)

  14. So sorry for your lose.
    Love your neat and beautiful garden.
    You will have time to get away.


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