Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bangladesh: Call of Nature

Visiting Bangladesh has not only given me the chance to reconnect with family and friends. It also enabled me to be around familiar smells and sights that can only be experienced in a tropical country. One familiar sight that I had long forgotten is this red bug. A welcome reunion. I don't know it's name, but I've met it long ago, in the land where I grew up.

When I spotted it, I didn't think twice about giving them my full attention and space in my memory card. Can anyone help me identify these red bugs that are commonly found in the tropics, but haven't seen them here?

pentax jaipur 906
First it was just this one.

pentax jaipur 908
Follow its journey.

pentax jaipur 909
Destination reached.

pentax jaipur 911
So where now?

pentax jaipur 888
Going over the edge.

pentax jaipur 892
There's more underneath the leaves.

pentax jaipur 894
Are you doing what I think you're doing?

pentax jaipur 899
I think these two are doing what I think they're doing.

Seeing these familiar bugs whose existence I have long forgotten because they were out of sight was such a joyful experience.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Bay Area: From East Bay to Napa and back again.

One Sunday in December we found a little free time - in between church time and company Holiday party and so we filled it with a little drive to Napa, where else. We did so because we missed our leaf peeping drive this year on account of our Caribbean trip. However, knowing how late the Fall season starts in this part of the globe, we were hopeful we'd be able to get some leaf peeping done still. What we did not put into account during the planning was the weather. It was rainy and wet that day and the days leading up to it. We went just the same.

2012_12_14 159

2012_12_14 182

We were disappointed initially because it seemed that the rain had all got rid of the leaves. And so we continued to drive until we reached Yountville and took the exit.

We stopped when we spotted this building that housed boutiques.

2012_12_14 217

2012_12_14 197

2012_12_14 200

After browsing, I was in a hurry to get across the street to finally get to see and taste what's in store at BOUCHON BAKERY, which is Thomas Keller's store.

2012_12_14 190

2012_12_14 210

2012_12_14 211

2012_12_14 213

2012_12_14 214

2012_12_14 212

2012_12_14 216
Since I was going to a company party (more eating) we just bought a tart and croissant filled with fruit instead and a cup of coffee to go.

On the drive back, we took a different route and stopped to photograph what we found interesting.

2012_12_14 238

2012_12_14 228

And then we found some left over fall leaves.

2012_12_14 253

2012_12_14 248

2012_12_14 247

Our final destination for the day was the yacht club for our company party. Just couldn't help but take a shot before going in and fraternize with co-workers.

2012_12_14 287



Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bangladesh: National Martyr's Memorial

Perhaps there is nowhere more exotic than Bangladesh that this blog will feature or had featured, and probably none of the blogs that I follow or read will feature. Because let's face it Bangladesh is not in any one's bucket list. It is a beautiful country and the people are warm and friendly. However, in my opinion it is not ready to receive tourists just yet. The natural resources are available for exploration, but the infrastructures are not.

I'm the lucky one I'd say, I married a Bangladeshi. And because of that I got to visit this interesting place on the map.

This begins my documentation of my 3-week vacation from last August.

pentax jaipur 1050
The National Martyr's Memorial (Jatiyo Smriti Soudho in Bangla/Bengali)is built in memory of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, which brought the independence of Bangladesh from Pakistani rule. It is located in Savar, about 35 km from the capital city of Dhaka.

lumix savar 104

lumix savar 115

lumix savar 120

lumix savar 129

The Monument tower designed by Arch Syed Mainul Hussain is composed of seven isosceles triangular planes, each varying in size in its height and base. The planes are folded at the middle and placed one after another. The highest point of the structure reaches 150 feet. Several mass-graves and a pool of water body are placed in front of the monument.

Monument complex is spread over an area of 34 hectares (84 acres) wrapped around by a green belt of 10 hectares (24.7 acre). Concrete is used for the monument tower while red bricks is used for other structures and pavements. Water pool and the platform for laying wreath are placed in front of the monument while mass-graves are on both sides. From the main gate one can see the monument axially, but to reach there one has to walk through different levels of red pavements and cross a lake - all these representing the struggle for independence. [source]

pentax jaipur 1078

pentax jaipur 1091

pentax jaipur 1060

pentax jaipur 1051

pentax jaipur 1053

pentax jaipur 1056

lumix savar 125

pentax jaipur 1081

lumix savar 133

pentax jaipur 1071


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Sunday, January 20, 2013

When Good Food Calls

Travel Channel and travel shows are mainstays in our tv viewing schedules. We particularly love Anthony Bourdain's shows (No Reservations, Layover) and keep an eye on the places he visits so we can visit them too. He's been in San Francisco on these shows and in one of them he visited a liquor store in the Mission that serves good Cuban sandwiches. So when Tony says the food is good there, we must go check it out for ourselves.

This happened a year ago and I'm so behind in my blogging. I remember about this now because the visit to the little liquor store was during the San Francisco Giant's Fan Fest which I blogged about here.

The Mission District is one of the most colorful neighborhood in the city, full of shopping and eating establishments.

2012_02_05 008
That's It Market is located at the corner of 23rd and Mission. Wasn't difficult to find.

2012_02_05 004
They have different kinds of tortas (sandwiches). We chose one with variety of meat.

2012_02_05 009
She adds eggs too. It's not for the dieters.

2012_02_05 010
Then it's ready to eat :)

While the torta was being prepped, I went outside and spied the wall along 22nd Street. The mural was pretty neat, as with the other murals in Mission.

2012_02_05 005

2012_02_05 007

2012_02_05 035
Enjoyed the torta at the Fan's Day.

I have not returned for another torta, I'm still trying to burn the calories I've ingested from that one sandwich :)



Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Free Meals at Sikh Temple

Do you know that you can get free meals (lunch and dinner) at a Sikh temple near you? That's right. You can.

I have quite a few Indian friends. Some of them belong to the Sikh religion, but the ones who don't belong to the religion were the ones who told us about the free meals. And so every chance we get, we go to get free meals. They have donation box, so you can drop some cash into it, if you're feeling a bit guilty eating free meals when you can afford to buy one for yourself.

Feeding people is a ministry to them. Every day one family takes charge of feeding any visitor that comes. Honestly, each time we go, my hubs and I are the only non-Indians who eat there.

The last time I ate at a Sikh temple was when we went to Capitola for a day. Our friends told us about this Sikh temple in San Jose, supposedly the largest in the United States. They suggested we stop for lunch here since it was on the way to Capitola anyway.

2012_09_03 capitola 022
The Gurdwara Sahib's facade.

2012_09_03 capitola 024
Fountains are lit at night we were told.

2012_09_03 capitola 026
Inside, looking at the main door to the worship area.

2012_09_03 capitola 025
On a Monday, it was almost empty.

2012_09_03 capitola 035
At the dining room.

2012_09_03 capitola 040

2012_09_03 capitola 032
Blue skies on that day.

2012_09_03 capitola 042

If you live close by, stop for a visit. They welcome and feed every one. The address is: 3636 Murillo Ave San Jose , CA 95148.

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