Everything-But-Black Friday

Today is Black Friday here in good ole US of A and as such people came out in droves to shop for super deals.  Not me.  Nothing against shopping, but I don't have the stuff that makes the hardcore Black Friday shopper.  Instead, every Black Friday I find something to do where I could avoid the malls.  On past years, I opted for staying home and/or watching a movie.  I know the vampires can wait another week so I did this instead.  I went for a drive to Napa Valley and Lake County.  This drive reminded me how scenic Highway 29 is, which may mean that our leaf peeping drive each may be a little closer to home. 

Here is my very scenic road trip.  Round trip was roughly 300 miles.














Now that I've indulged in fall color photography, I'm off shopping tomorrow :)


  1. im so envious of those colors. again, we dont have four seasons here and plants/trees dont change so much even from the two seasons that we have.


  2. great photos and great colors. oh i did black friday again. the lines weren't bad this year and got some freebies :)

  3. Beautiful images, wine country is just as colorful as a hardwood forest in fall.

  4. I'm totally with you on Black Friday, Maria. I'd go to Napa Valley any day!

  5. they're all just postcard perfect dear! ^0!
    can't help saying ooh! and ah!
    i really wish i could visit that place soon. hehe,
    can i just choose my fave?! well, I like them all but the best was the 3rd to the last one, it's just breathtaking.

    btw, happy shopping to you too! i hope you did get the best deals. ^0^

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  7. Smart move on Black Friday! After all that commotion at stores, it's good to see your pictures of beauty and calm.

    As for me, I did my shopping online.

  8. A really enjoyable sequence of images, Maria, fascinating colors and lights!

  9. Nice foliage shots, I really love fall colors so amazing, here in WA I can't find a perfect timing to take pictures of trees....it always rains here hehehe

    by the way I did shop last Black Friday but I went around 8am where most people were tired and sleeping already from the midnight long line hehehe

  10. WOW! the scenery are breathtaking. Nice pictures, you really have an eye of a photographer.

  11. That's an awesome place to see, and to take photos. Thanks for not joining the crowd to share with us those photos. I love the details in your pics, amazing. Did you come home with a few bottles?

  12. OMG! it's my dream to see a vineyard and a colorful field like that! And yeah, that's better than black friday's chaos! haha though i used to be so amazed abt the black friday thingy you guys have their coz i've worked for bestbuy's bank.

  13. Amazing photographs! I love the vibrant colors. Postcard perfect!

    Oh, and I was one of those people who stormed the stores and lined up to get the best deals. Teehee.

  14. i love the colors! if there's one wish i have, that's to go to a country during fall season and takes lots and lots of pictures. love each and every one of your photo here.

  15. Wpw! So beautiful and colorful. Now I'm mad that I didn't make the trek up to the wine country this fall. I wonder if all the leaves have been stripped from the branches what with all the high winds we've been having. Nice way to spend Black Friday. I went hiking in Briones.

  16. Are you a professional photographer? The subject, the settings, the lights are just great!

  17. Wonderful colours on every shot. It's an Autumn festival.


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