Olympia: The birthplace of the Olympic Games

Located across the museum, the archeological site of the first Olympics Games was nothing short of impressive. If there was one place where a tour guide was indispensable, this was it. However, since we did not sign up for a group tour we had to be content with seeing the ruins and probably checking the web later for information. Also, we had come in earlier than most I was guessing because the site was not crowded as I feared it would be. In addition, I only spotted one guided tour group and this was towards the end of our visit.

I am sure that clicking on the link above on archeological site would give you enough historical information on the site. What I will provide here are some of the innumerous shots I took of the site.

greece and venice 2014 521
Entering the gated area with us was a cat. It led us to the ruins site.


greece and venice 2014 538

greece and venice 2014 546

greece and venice 2014 552
Looks like a cauldron for the torch.

greece and venice 2014 545

greece and venice 2014 601






Entering the stadium.

The starting line for the track events.

Visitors run the length.

As we continued our exploration, we came across a series of buildings. One was labelled workshop and we believe one was quarters or lodging of either or both the athletes and the officials.

greece and venice 2014 610

greece and venice 2014 624

greece and venice 2014 641

greece and venice 2014 642


greece and venice 2014 640

The sky on that glorious October day was glorious. The rai that fell earlier in the day did not leave any reminder except for a few puddles along the road.

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  1. That cat is so cute! Was it friendly? Did you pet it? I should visit this place someday; as a runner and marathoner it would be very exciting for me to see where everything started.

  2. Gorgeous shots of the city.

  3. The fine pictures of the ruins shows us the grandeur of this place now...or one imagine how it was long ago.

  4. One of my favorite places in Greece!!! I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of weeks in Greece some years ago, wonderful memories -- thanks for those!! Terrific captures and thanks again for sharing the beauty and the history!!

  5. Hello, what an awesome place to visit. I have always wanted to see the ancient ruins in Greece. Wonderful series of photos. Have a happy day and weekend ahead!

  6. Impressive old ruins. Love those columns and the old stone arch over the walkway.

  7. What a treat to see such an ancient and historical place!

  8. Fantastic shots of Olympic games village.

  9. Beautiful sky shots and the ancient ruins photo are excellent!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  10. What an amazing place, such a sense of history. I wonder what the people of that time would think of today's overblown, corrupt games?

  11. Great shots of the ruins, wonderful views!

  12. Awesome ruins and site. What an amazing place!


  13. great shots and very interesting post! thanks for sharing :-)

  14. One day I want to see these ruins with my own eyes, Maria. What is it about them??!! The history is beyond comprehension....

  15. what an awesome place to visit. your photos do it justice.

  16. great post! lots of information and amazing pictures! have a great weekend :)

  17. Nice shots of a historic place.

  18. This must have been a thrilling visit! To be within such antiquity, such history, had to be so moving. Your photographs are wonderful!

  19. Looks like you had a great time... what a nice adventure. Nice photos of your visit, it feels like I traveled with you. But someday I would really love to see that in person as well {it's free to dream, right?} :-)
    Maya from Pompeii | Naples, Italy

  20. Great post, thank you for sharing your experience.

  21. I think it was a great time to live in :)

  22. Beautiful ruins with hints of what it once was.

  23. Wow, just wow! You can imagine the grandeur and history from what is left.

  24. It demonstrates how advanced they were to be able to build something that lasts this long. Thanks for sharing, these are great.

  25. What a spectacular site! You captured the images beautifully. I enjoyed the "people" pictures in your next post, too!


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