2016 Recap: #FavoriteMoments

It has been particularly tough getting this post generated since I have been in the doldrums most of this year. Yes I've had a few travels that spawned some of my favorite moments of this year.

I welcomed 2016 in Bangladesh where I also spent the Holidays with my in-laws. You will remember about the travails of traveling home on this blog post.

The Christian cemetery in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, offers a peaceful oasis in the bustle of city life. The cemetery was developed mainly for European settlers. I have seen an old grave dated 1700-something. I have previously blogged about this cemetery here. I enjoy coming here to gawk at tombs unusual architecture.

Bali in early January was an experience that will linger on in my memory, which is good since I don't have too many photos available presently, which is also the reason why I haven't blogged about it, because the external drive that carried my photos got corrupted. I am still hoping that I can recover the photos.

2016 01 08_canonpws_4690
Bali is a foodie paradise. Not only are the food palatable, food is very affordable. However, we couldn't pass up eating at Locavore, post here and shell out a ton of rupiahs for a epicurean adventure. Just look at the how beautiful the plate is.

2016 01 08_canonpws_4585
Temples over beaches - four days were not enough to cover it all.

Nope this list is not alphabetically arranged, but chronologically arranged. Anyway, we had to go back to Cancun after a brief deliberation period. We were tired, we needed some sand on our toes and salty air and it was clear we had to go back to Cancun.

2016 05 23_canonpws_8514
My love affair with this Caribbean jewel continues to grow strong and now that I have discovered Xcaret, I have more reason to go back.

FLORIDA (Orlando)

Summer in Florida? Are you kidding me? Florida was a post-birthday trip that included some magic moments.

2016 08 11_canonpws_9538
A MAGIC KINGDOM moment with my husband.

2016 08 08_canonpws_9839
Finally got a taste of butter bear at the WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER.

2016 08 10_canonpws_9685
At Cocoa Beach, our girl talk drew my gal pal and I closer. I heart our friendship.

Drove to Tampa today. #roadtrip #sky #skyscape #floridašŸŒ“ #tampa

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The drive from Orlando to Tampa was special. The puffy clouds and blue skies and warm breeze and chit-chatting with the husband the entire way - all made for a memorable moment.

2016 10 29_canonpws_1357
With less than a day to spend in Miami, we opted to rent a car so that we could go see the murals in the Wynwood area. Unfortunately, the day was rainy and the heavy downfall happened while we were driving around the murals. Still one of my favorite moments of the year.


An email from our cruise buddies mentioned a steal of a deal (it was)on a Caribbean cruise and would we consider joining them for our biennial cruise? Our last one was in 2014 for the Greek Islands cruise. Including this one we have cruised with them a total of 4 times.

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas Virgin Islands. The island is picturesque, the houses are colorful, everything is green and vibrant and the beaches are definitely pretty, but walking around town and exploring the narrow alleys stood out. The town is pretty charming.

2016 11 02_pentax_1604
The Baths National Park and Devi's Bay Trail (Virgin Gordo) are my most favorite moments of this year. Post coming up soon.

2016 11 02_pentax_1630
Another favorite moment was quietly watching the sunset in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

2016 11 04_pentax_1545
Nassau, Bahamas was a surprise to me. My perception was mostly unfounded and I loved how friendly the people are, how beautiful the island was and the beaches are really pretty, although water was cold when we were there, and how yummy the food was. We enjoyed it so that we were all talking about staying for a few days next time.


2016 10 15_pentax_0605
A leaf peeping tradition continues with a drive to Plumas County while staying in Alpine Meadows. Nothing reenergizes me more than a date with nature.

What are my travel goals for 2017? I don't know yet. My wish list includes Lisbon and Utah's big 5 national parks.

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  1. You definitely win the prize as the most widely traveled of all the bloggers I know and love! I do remember some of these places and enjoyed reading about the ones that either you haven't blogged yet or that I have forgotten (I'm getting older by the minute, so the latter is definitely possible... ;>). Happy New Year.

  2. You got around pretty well in 2016. Thanks for the review.

  3. Hello, wonderful review of the year and travels. Beautiful photos. Enjoy your weekend! I wish you all the best in 2017, Happy New Year!

  4. Fabulous, you have covered a lot of places in the year 2016

  5. Do you know that in a past life I had a "vacation" at that Paradise Island hotel in Nassau?! It was part of a sales team retreat with my computer company, and Donica and I were guests. So fun. But now I want to see the Greek Islands cruise. Astrid and I have been talking about that for awhile now. I need to find out more from you about it!!! (Are you able to email me at ginnie.hart@xs4all.nl with the cruise line, etc?)

  6. The ancient looking artifact at the cemetery in Bangladesh is exquisite. I look back and see a year filled with political problems and injustice throughout the world. This post, however, shows that good things also happened on personal levels and I should remember more of those.

  7. Very nice review, great post!
    Happy New Year!

  8. You sure had a wonderful 2016!

    Wish you a Brilliant 2017!

  9. Awesome pics and posts.
    Keep sharing.
    ~ Happy New Year 2017~

  10. Wow - an amazing series of shots! So gorgeous. I love Lisbon - definitely worth a visit.

  11. great memories. :) Love how the two buildings glow in the low sunlight :)

  12. Great favorites moments!
    Wishing you, my dear friend, and your Family a Wonderful New Year!!

  13. Feliz ano de 2017 com a concretizaĆ§Ć£o de todos os sonhos,


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